I have a 19yr old daughter, 17yr old son ans 15yr old son. my husband and I have been separated for 4yrs, we have a good communcations. But I feel that my daughter and older son and ex partnter are doing the same thing to my younger son, as they did do me. No matter what we say we are treated like Losers. So like me I see my son , not having anything to Say. Because when you do it get SHOT DOWN by them. I have told them this is my my son never comes out of his room when we are all together. They listen, but still do the same thing. Or will just target me instead, I so use to ,But It still hurts. So how do I get my Son Cope


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Linda - posted on 01/11/2012




As the mother, you need to demand respect from everybody to everybody. There should be consequences for disrespect. If the 19 year old does not treat you respectfully, then it is time for her to move out! First, however, you need to make sure you respect yourself and do not allow yourself to be defined by what other people say. You are a unique creation of God, the only one in the universe.

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