i have a 2 year old and he keeps taking his diaper off i have tried to put shorts on him put he has learned how to take them off even the jean shorts potty training is a nightmare considering he doesnt talk and has SPD can someone please help!


Jennifer - posted on 07/23/2012




If he's not showing signs of readiness, my advice is to drop the potty training for now. Two is still pretty little, especially for boys.

Does he get "nakey" time around the house? That may help. You can also try onsie-style jumpers BACKWARDS so he can't undo the snaps when he absolutely must be dressed.

It takes a lot of detective work to find happy compromises for children with SPD. It may take searching for that "perfect" diaper and shorts combo. Have you tried cotton diapers? Lightweight shorts? Loose elastic? No elastic? Duck tape? (NO! That was just for the humor aspect.) When it comes to socks, there is a company that makes them with no heel and no seams. I think you may be able to get them through Sensational Beginnings.

You said he doesn't talk, but does he sign? Picture schedules also help a lot since they can see what comes next. Does he receive OT? If so, ask him/her for more suggestions and techniques. If not, I highly recommend seeking treatment. It can make a difference!

Best of luck with your little guy!

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