I have a 2 year old godchild that I keep and she is constantly drinking olvatine or horizion chocolate milk. I don't feel its healthy for her but her mom and grandmother gives it to her, should I cut back?


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Kathryn - posted on 08/29/2011




My 2 and half year old only drinks chocolate milk, as a registered nurse who works in peds I can't stand this so, I try to use very little chocolate syrup...just enough to change the color of the milk. I did use ovaltine for a while (ok per my pediatrician) and would only put a little bit in it. I stopped using it because of the artificial colors and went back to organic chocolate syrup. I hate that she only prefers this, I try to push more cheeses and yogurt too.

Kate CP - posted on 08/29/2011




Flavored milk is an okay every so often (like maybe once a day) but not all day every day.

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