i have a 20 year old son his dad has not talk to him since we divorced and he was 5 it has affected him every since he is in the national guard been in and out of jail my family keeps getting him out now he has a baby coming in about 3 weeks girl want have nothing to do with him he is so depressed and angry i feel so sorry for him


Vicki - posted on 10/05/2012




I understand you love your son and it hurts you to know that he is hurting. However he is a man now and its up to him to do something about his situation. Maybe incourage him to seek councelling to talk about his hurt and anger? In the meantime dont bail him out of trouble when we as parents play the rescuer role it forces our children to play the victim, and he is not a victim. Dont pity him he doesnt need someone to pity him, help him come up with a plan that helps him take accountability and the steps forward into bettering himself

good luck to your son

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