I have a 20 year old son who does not pay rent and does not clean up

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My 20 year old son who does not pay rent and does not clean up. I have 3 bedrooms my mother has one, my daughter the other, and I the third one. My son sleeps in the livingroom. He's in the US Marines reserve. He has all his clothes and military belongings in my daughter"s room scattered all in her room.My daughter has asthma and his things are in her way, she's 16. I constantly asks and tell him t o clean the mess he ignores me. I did not teach him to be a slob and I'm sure the military didn't teach him to be a slob either. I want him out my hose because it's causing friction in my house. How do I go about it without any drama. I'm the head of household, my mom, and my fiance and I pay the rent and bills. I need your help in this issue.


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Michelle - posted on 08/22/2015




Like Shawnn said. You tell him he needs to be out by a certain date (in writing) and let him know if he isn't out by then you will use the law to remove him.
You don't have room for him to be living with you permanently and he's old enough to be looking after himself.

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Serve him with an eviction notice, and after the appropriate amount of time, have a Sheriff's deputy remove his belongings, change the locks, and let him live on his own.

Whenever an adult child lives in your home, it should be under contract, with appropriate terms and conditions.

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