I have a 4 month old girl who was waking twice a night to eat ( around 2 and 5) this I was ok with.Then all of a sudden at 3 months she started waking every 2 hours or less!! I think this is a sleep association as I have nursed her to sleep until now. What I am unsure of is weather I can cry her out a little and still feed her one or two times a night and how do I know when she is hungry or just mad about no suckie suckie.All I know is I have a 5 year old also and I cant keep going like this, last 2 nights have been 3 hours of sleep. Help


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Amy - posted on 08/04/2012




I agree with Dove you can let her fuss for a few minutes to see if she's really awake or just making noise. I however found the quicker I got to my daughter the quicker she went back to bed, which meant the quicker I could get some sleep. My daughter at 7 or 8 months started teething so at that point we started co-sleeping, she was waking as frequently as every 30 minutes some nights and I had to function for work. I also have an older child who was 4 when his sister was born so there were days when I was a walking zombie but it's not forever.

Is your 5 year old going to be enrolled in school this year? If he is that will give you a little time with just you and baby to rest.

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