I have a 4yr old who hits her baby brother and hurts him whenever someone isnt watching and is very disrespectful. I have tried talking to her, punishing her, taking all her toys away grounded her from activities, I am ar a loss I just dont know what to do


Amy - posted on 03/04/2013




How old is her baby brother? More than likely she is acting out to get attention and by grounding her, punishing her, taking away stuff you are giving her what she wants. So to start I would not leave her unattended with her baby brother at all! I know it's difficult but obviously at this point it could be potentially dangerous. If she starts doing it when you are watching then pay attention to her brother and ignore her. Finally make sure you are giving her lots of positive attention. If she realizes she's going to get the same amount of attention or more when she's good she will start being better more often.

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