i have a 5 month old baby girl when will she start rolling over.

Lena - posted on 04/16/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




when do 5 months old babies rolling over..in when do they start to craw.


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Tinker1987 - posted on 04/16/2011




my son rolled at 3 months.from back to belly. odd time he will go belly to back,thats recently though he is almost 5 months. every baby is different. i noticed when he had more time on the floor he got interested in rolling

Kim - posted on 04/16/2011




My daughter was 3 months when she rolled from her back to her tummy and she never rolled from her tummy to her back. She is 10 months now and crawling so she is never on her tummy anymore so I have no idea if she even can do it yet. She was crawling around 8 months. All babies are different, enjoy while your baby is stationary. Once they get mobile your day gets 10 000 times busier especially when out at other peoples homes that aren't baby proofed.

Jennifer - posted on 04/16/2011




every baby is different my son was about 5-6 months old when he started rolling over all the time, dont rush it, trust me once they start to roll over, changing there diaper becomes a challange in itself, lol, and my son is now almost 8 months old and still refuses to crawl, or even be on his stomach at all, so it all depends on when the child is ready to learn how to do these things, some babies do it earlier and some later, every baby is unique and they learn at there own pace, one way to tell if they may learn how to start doing something new...and this isnt a proven fact i dont think, is they wake up screaming at night only becuz they are adjusting, if u start to notice a pattern of them waking up as if there having a nightmare or needing to feed more often durring the night etc. then there could be a chance that they will start to do something they havent before, such as sitting up, rolling over walking and so on, hope this helps =)

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