I have a 5 week old and she isn't getting enough milk bout to quit breastfeeding I am so tired of pumping to increase milk because she was only gaining 3 ounces in two weeks idk what else to do I really want to breastfeed and I've been taking fenugreek any help?????


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Laura Dj - posted on 06/18/2014




I have talked to a lactation consultant and they sid to take fenugreek and pump eever time I breastfeed for 15-20 minutes and I'm tired of doing all that work and not seeing anything come out and I know she is not gaining enough weight because I took her to doctor and she only gained 3 ounces in two weeks doctor says that's not enough

Jodi - posted on 06/18/2014




How do you know she isn't getting enough milk? You have to remember that pumping is not the most efficient method of getting milk - baby is far more efficient at feeding than the pump. So if you are using the amount you pump as an indication of the milk you are producing can be a misconception. Have you talked to a lactation consultant?

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