i have a 5 year old that is a mommys girl...she wakes up every night exactly an hour after going to sleep crying and upset when i comfort her and cover her back up she just kicks and screams ...i dont know how to correct this..she has done it so long her body is like on that schedule...anyone have any advice how i can stop this?


Javeia - posted on 11/05/2012




She sounds like a very sweet girl. First, make sure that she is not being taunted at school or even by the things she sees during the day. For example, some children are horrified by the thought of their parent leaving or dying and it comes from movies like Bambi or the lion king.

With that set aside follow a normal bedtime routine and give her extra hugs and extra kisses. Let her know that these are all she is going to get tonight because when you put her down to sleep you expect her to stay there. Before you leave her room let her know that you will be right (wherever you usually are when she goes to bed) and leave. If she wakes and gets out of bed, the first time gently remind her she had hugs and kisses for the night and send her back to bed don't move a muscle.

Don't cover her up. Let her do it herself, its almost a way of her thinking she is in control of the situation.

Anything else, don't entertain because this is what you are trying to break.

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