I have a 5 year old who doesn't like to go to bed.

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Tried several different things and It doesn't matter what time she goes there it is at least 10 pm before she falls asleep. Of course this doesn't help her school day. When putting her to bed this evening she told me that her brain keeps mixing things up and it won't let her sleep. All the Sleep books I have researched are more for babies. Any ideas out there?


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At five, kids are at an interesting stage. They are learning the difference between fantasy and reality--that some things are real and others are not. But they still don't quite know the difference. If your daughter's brain is mixing things up, that could be why.

My five year old is having the same problem. Here is a quick list of what we have found helpful...

-Everything goes off an hour before bed. No TV, no video games, nothing. Not even Mommy's phone stays on. We have none of that stimulation.

-During our quiet hour, we do puzzles or color. Playing to the stage I was talking about above, we write our own stories.

- we have a very established bedtime routine thanks to issues he had sleeping through the night when he was younger. So after quiet hour, we take a quick bath, and read a bedtime story.

-We recently invested in a TykeLight from Toys R Us. Aidan was having serious issues with being scared at bedtime, and this is a timed nightlight that doesn't plug in or get hot, so he can hold it and eventually it will turn off--usually it does so well after he has conked out.

Good luck!!!

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