i have a 6 n half year old daughter n since she was born she always throws up wit everything she eats and drinks is this a sign for nefin coz doctors r useless?


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Emily - posted on 07/18/2012




I'm wondering where your statement that doctors are useless is coming from. Have you taken your daughter to a doctor for this? Because that would be my first step. That's not normal to throw up with every meal. Is she growing? I would think her doctor would be concerned with this, and ordering tests. If you're not getting answers with one doctor, it's your job to find a new doctor who will be of help. Don't rest until you find someone who can give you answers. That sounds miserable to have to live that way.

Jaime - posted on 07/18/2012




I'm a bit confused by your question. What is nefin? And also, doctors aren't useless. Sometimes we can have a bad experience with one doctor, but there are plenty of other doctors available for a second opinion. If your daughter is 61/2 and throws up after she eats anything, I'm inclined to think that doctors won't shrug that off as nothing. She might require some tests to be sure her body is absorbing nutrients properly. I think you need to have her seen by a doctor and talk about testing if you're concerned about her body's reaction to eating/drinking.

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