i have a 6yr old and would like to have another baby but i have pcos and had 3 miscarriages already - any advise on how i could become pregnant again


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Louise - posted on 04/10/2012




If you have the all clear from the doctors then there is no reason not to try again if you have the strength to do so after three miscarriages. I had three miscarriages and the emotional drain was enormous. Luckily I had my daughter on the fourth try. Fingers crossed for you.

Katherine - posted on 04/10/2012




Have you ever had a laperoscopy done for your PCOS? Don't know how closely related it is to endometriosis, but I had one done and was fertile myrtle. May be something you want to talk to your doctor about? I'm not very familiar with it, but they can be removed right?

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