I have a baby girl shes is 11 month old now and only weighs 15.8 pounds i know its not much but she stands on her own already, and shes does everything a normal baby should do the doctors and physicians said when she was 3 months old that she wasnt allowed to drink formula or cow milk...because she was excepting it she was throwing it up , the deition comes every 3 weeks but she really doesnt do much , leah drinks soyo milk and she does not like it at all i tried everything even putting formula in it , since she was 3 months till about 8 months she was drinking 5-6 bottles a day since 8 months till now she cuts back to 2 bottles a day but shes eat every other human food now like veggies meat. furits fish everything she drinks lots of water,..she goes to the doctors all the time and tyhe deitintion comes to the house every 3 weeks and all they can say is dont give her cow milk and try forcing her to drink milk and it is not working and they r stressing me out they act like im not doing anything right which i know im doimng everything right they r not helping me at all....its like they just pretend they care,


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The good bacterias in cheeses and yogurts digest the lactose in the milk making it easier for them to digest it. Often times people who are lactose intolerant can have cheese and yogurt because of that.

So does she not get any formula or breastmilk, just the soy?

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Well shes eats pretty much all foods except for the foods that your not suppose to fee d babys like shell fish and ect...and she only drinks 1-2 bottles of soyo milk a day mostly in the early mornings and late @ night and i havent tried almond milk or soyo milk because i just do what the dietion and doctors say because i dont want to disrespect them and the dietion is here bec they want to keep an eye on her weight gain i gues so far she never lost any weight but she just gains little bit at a time but she is very active and everything shes not even 11 months yet and shes already crawling and pretty much trying to stand up , they dont really suggest anything they just say keep trying with her soyo milk and when she turns 1 year old their going to try cow milk....and leah also eats pretty much everything , she is a big fan of cheese, The only thing i dont understand is if shes not aloud to drink cow milk why is she allowed to eat things that have milk products in it ..

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Have you tried almond milk or rice milk. I'm not surprised she doesn't like soy, it is pretty odd tasting and bitter. I'm guessing the dietician is because of her weight. My daughter only weighed 20 lbs at 1. What got get gaining weight was being offered a full variety of food and letting her eat until she said she was done. At 11 months she finished an entire plate of gnocchi, it was a 1/2 adult plate. On top of that she ate broiled eggplant and some bites of chicken. I was floored that she ate so much. I offered her about a tablespoon of eggplant, and about 7 pieces of gnocchi at a time, (they were pretty big, so that was about a 1/4 of a cup).

Starting around 10 months my daughter was down to two feeding a day of breastmilk. She wasn't interested. So I didn't push it. Some days she would have another feeding, but most it was just once in the morning and once at night.

Even now at 2.5 she has been known to out eat me. She is 29 lbs.

Some kids need a lot of food, while others don't. In the end they need to be meeting milestones, and look healthy.

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