I have a child with autisim can anyone help or give me any advice on how to toilet train as hes at school next year


Elizabeth Kathryn - posted on 10/22/2013




A potty watch ! Make it fun! The minute you yell at they will turn off. Just sit him on the toilet . Then once he's used to it. Open the lid. Then sit him on it. Then start pulling his pants down. Don't expect him to pee. Just get him used to it. Then you can poor warm water on there pee pee! And that usually makes him go potty. And get really ! really ! really ! excited when they go. !!!!! They will know they did some thing good. And if they have an accident in there pants tell them . O' no ! we need to good to the potty to go pooh or pee. Whatever word you use. But be patient and try and never loose your cool ever!!!! My sister has two boys who are autistic. And that's how she did it. It took her a while like a year but she did it.

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