I have a cousin that has chosen my husband and I to adopt her baby due in 6 months. She got pregnant during a one night stand and does not even know the fathers name. Does anyone know if it will be possible for me to adopt without having the biological father sign?

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I have a cousin that has chosen my husband and I to adopt her baby due in a few months. the problem is she has no idea who the father is. She split up from a long term relationship and got pregnant on a one night stand. Doesn't even know the name. She is now back with the boyfriend and they do not want this baby. How will I be able to adopt with no father signing? Another question is how do we prove we are related for it to be a relative adoption?


Bobbie - posted on 09/15/2012




To prove relative birth the relationship between you and she has to be established through copies of birth records / marriage licenses. F'or example each or your birth certificate gives a mother and father's name. A copy of that a document along with a copy of the marriage license of that relative showing their maiden name may be necessary as well. Hopefully your parent and her parent share the same last name. This will show relationship as "cousins" via sister or brother relationship. Request her parent with that last name to give a copy of birth certificate as well to show that each of them were birthed by the same woman or have the same father

As for the father. When she gives birth have her boyfriend sign as the father, if he will, then simply have him sign off to his rights to the baby.

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