i have a daughter who is 3 dont eat alot

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my daughter 3 she starts nursery in september and i just worry because i cant get her to eat proper hot meals for dinner , her food intake on a daily basis is fruit ,cucumber bread ,cheese yogut ,i have tryed all things like fish fingers chips sausages ect she not intrested when she was a baby she wouldnt eat no lumpy jars she used to hevf she would only have the smooth jars she stopped drinking milk from a bottle before she was 1 i tryed to change her to cows milk she never drank it she had semi skimmed milk in her cerial in morning witch she started to be fussying in eaten it now as well she wont drink milk on its own only if its a milkskake ect i just no if i dont eat a meal i feel sick but i really worry about my daughter any advice please ??


Chet - posted on 08/19/2013




I would avoid encouraging your daughter to eat things like chips, sausages and fish fingers. She'll be better off if she never develops a tastes for salty, processed food. She needs fat and protein, but she can get that from healthier sources (like certain breads, as well as the cheese and yoghurt). I also wouldn't worry about the lack of cooked or hot food. Raw food is generally very nutritious. Raw fruits and veggies are more nutrient dense than cooked ones. If she is small and not currently having a growth spurt your daughter may only need as little as 800 or 900 calories a day. It varies hugely by kid. My only point is that what looks like very little food to a grown up can be enough for a three year old. If you can expand the variety of fruits and veggies that she eats, and find way to get different sources healthy fat and protein into her diet (eggs, olive oil, humus, peas and beans, etc) that would serve her well. Honestly though, a diet of bread, cheese, yoghurt, veggies and fruit could be very complete..

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