I have a daughter who turns 5 August 23rd and Kindergarten starts August 24th. Send her or wait?

Rebecca - posted on 08/17/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




What are some of your opinions on this. Sienna will be 5 August 23rd and Kindergarten starts for her August 24th. I am debating whether it would be better to wait until next year to start her. Please give me some of your ideas! PLEASE

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Ashley - posted on 12/20/2011




Dylan turned 5 oct of 2010. I could have pushed him into school but he has a speech issue(enunciation) so I waited until this year. He is doing so well. And he ♥'s school. I am so glad I waited. So if you have any doubts wait.

Wendy - posted on 08/17/2010




My son's birthday is August 11th and I wanted to start him, but his preschool teacher thought it seemed like he wasn't ready so I asked my M-I-L who used to be a 1st grade teacher and she said WAIT!!!! I've heard that girls are a little more ready at an earlier age than boys, but that's just a generalization. You could take your daughter in to register and talk to the teacher and THEN make a decision. Kindergarten isn't the same now as when I was a kid...they need to know ABC's and are expected to read simple books by the time school is nearing the end. Sometimes pushing them into something they aren't ready for is setting them up for failure and sometimes it's just the challenge they need. You know your child and should go with your best judgement!!!

Suzanne - posted on 08/17/2010




My older son was almost 4 when he started Junior Kindergarten. He is now almost 6 and will be starting Grade 1 in 3 weeks. We debated waiting an extra year for JK but given that he was always asking questions, and wanting to go, we decided to go ahead. In our province (Ontario) we have Junior Kindergarten, then Senior Kindergarten and then grade 1, so there is extra time for the kids to get used to going to school part time before they have to go all day every day. It really is your decision though, and what you think you child is ready for.

Jodi - posted on 08/17/2010




In Australia, we start in the first week of February, and my daughter started Kindergarten this year but didn't turn 5 until mid March. She is doing fine, and is excelling at school. She is already amongst the top readers, socially she has a lot of friends, and she is coping really well with all aspects of Kindergarten. She was SO ready for school it wasn't funny. There is no way I would have kept her back.

You know your daughter best, and you will know if she is ready or not. Is she independent? Capable of using the bathroom on her own? Ready to learn, and constantly asking questions in order to learn more? Does she socialise with others well, show manners in social situations? All of those things are important in deciding whether she is ready. For instance, my step son was held back an extra year because he was still struggling with his speech, and also had frequent toileting accidents at that age, and those things could have been a problem for him. Waiting the year made a huge difference. It really does depend on the child.

Kim - posted on 08/17/2010




My daughter was 4 until sept 18 and started Kindergarten. She is now in the 4th grade and has done fine. Have asked her what she wants to do? Sometimes they are the best judges for a question like this one.

Sarah - posted on 08/17/2010




I just made the cutoff when I was starting kindergarten and I am glad that my mom started me when she did. I was ready for it and I think that I would have felt held if I waited another year.

Lois - posted on 08/17/2010




the question is is she ready?The school should be able to give you some guidlines as to what milestones she needs to have reached to be school-ready. My youngest was a November baby-but she was ready for school-and as it turned out it was very good that she started "early" because she was so much taller then her classmates that if we had held her back she would have had issues with being teased about it.

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