I have a five year old and he is just so full of energy he stops napping in the days,is there anyone with the same problem


Emma - posted on 06/10/2011




My 4 year old stopped napping at 2 aswell. He will only nap in the day now if he is unwell. You have been very lucky to get him to nap for so long...he has probably just outgrown it. Like the other ladies said give him quiet time in the afternoon. My boy had 'rest time' we call it where he has to go to his room and play quietly for 1 hour every afternoon...unless he is at school of course!

Tamara - posted on 06/10/2011




With a little one so full of energy i can understand needing a few seconds of down time. Have you tried reading to him or maybe just turning everything off around him or like Pam said a set time playing quietly in his room? He maybe to old for naps but as a mom i understand you still need that time to rest yourself.

Good Luck

Pam - posted on 06/10/2011




Honestly, you are very lucky you got him to nap for this many years. My daughter stopped napping shortly after she turned 2. My idea was to have quiet time in the afternoon. The deal was that she MUST stay in her room and look at books or play with puzzles, ect for 1 and a half hours. It worked for us and I hope it works for you too.


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A napping 5 year old? My twin girls quit napping at 2.5 and that's only cuz I resorted to driving them to sleep every afternoon for 6 months. They WOULD have quit napping right at 2. Consider yourself very lucky that he napped as long as he did. :)

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