I have a five year old that has decided to ignore everything her dad and I say... and to add to it, she has cut her own hair, covered the kitchen in salt and pepper resulting in rubbing her eyes and causing her eyes to swell shut... just to name a couple of the sneaky things she has been up to... this has been going on now for like two months and it is driving us crazy, We also have a 11 year old trying the same things plus lying. What do we do? We have tried sticker charts, rewards, taking everything away, grounding, allowance... nothing seems to work. Please help!!


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Nikki - posted on 01/14/2013




I have tried this. The mess ends up bigger or hours later still not done. We took all fun items away and it took five days to get her to clean her room. We were even going in and helping but she would stand and watch us do it. SO we would leave and tell her she made the mess, she can clean it. It is like a constant battle. Took my 11 year old seven days to clean her room. I am sure some of it with the five year old is monkey see and monkey do, BUT we are losing patience with it.

Amanda - posted on 01/14/2013




If that was my 5 yr old I would be putting her to time out and taking away the offending item.
If she makes a mess I would make her clean it up, she'll soon get the message. My 3 and 4 yr old know that whatever mess they make they need to tidy it away.

Be firm and consistant and don't give in.

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