I have a friend that asked me a question on spanking

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My friend came to me about her daughter knowing I am strict sparking mum,
Her 13 yr old daughter is home schooled by her so u get the picture.
Since turning 13 her daughter has become very rude arrogant and not good in general,however she is an angel after she's been caned for about the time it takes for any red marks to go then she's back to unruly girl again.
Her mum is sick of the routine she's ended up In like every 3 or 4 days another lesson needed.
So she came to me for suggestions.
Well my answer was If she's needing it as soon as its worn off then more regular may be better but less strokes.
So I suggested each morning give her 3 strokes in the morning before her day gets started before she's done something wrong and do for a week and see if her attitude changes,it won't be that she's giving her more strokes as In fact it will be less over the week than when she does 2 times a week I suggested 3 a day as I think the first one or 2 strokes only get attention the 3rd sinks In well.
After a week I suggested go back to normal and see if she goes back her old ways and if so repeat maybe with 4 a day etc
Any ideas from you welcome though not interested In those comments against spanking


Ev - posted on 09/14/2016




I have to concur with the others here. It is considered abuse to use an object that leaves marks on a child no matter their age...as it is in my state. I know this because I worked in preschools and had to be well aware of state regulations and abuse policies. I was a person that was called a mandated reporter and now that I am not required by law to do so because I no longer work for a preschool, I am going to still report anyone that seems to be abusing their kids. You would be one of them.

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Michelle - posted on 09/14/2016




You can't dictate who posts here, this is an international forum.
I would actually suggest that spanking ins't working and that something else should be tried. Assaulting your child as soon as they get up in the morning is abuse, mental as well as physical.
Why would home schooling make her have an attitude? That's what teenagers are like and a result of the parenting!!!

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