I have a great deal of empathy for the petrified mommy.

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She has observed some neglectful treatment of the neighbors other pets by uncaring or uncared for children.
Her concerns have merit and a new baby with five children indicate there is little time for the parents to do proper training with all these responsibiliites. I am sad for the pets and for her to have to live next door.
Negative training and a history of aggression in a breed is plenty to worry about. I lived in Hawaii and lived next to an incident that made headlines: A pitbull ran down a neighbors driveway after an 18 month old baby and locked down on this child. The mother tried to rescue the child to be attacked over it her self. She survived the child did not. Yes, a dog is a product of it's owner and perhaps pits have a smaller bite history but their stats on lethal injuries outnumbers all other dogs and the fact that when they do bite their jaw locks. Petrified mommy has noticed wrongful treatment and has every right to be worried. The neighbors sound like individuals who
need to live in chaos adding more lives to their already full plate. I have a friend who does this and everyone suffers around. I don't know the relationship P.M. has with her neighbors but it doesn't sound like a beneficial
one. Perhaps communicating your meritable concerns with other neighbors and ask one to hold a meeting
to insure dog safety laws are followed and bring in other neighbor issues so it is not all about one family but rather a forum for all to talk openly and keep everyone abreast of all things that concern all of you. Like a positive Homeowners Assoc. Best of luck; I know this is a difficult one to deal with.


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Can we please stop starting new conversations responding to Petrified Mommy".. if the original post is closed, it is closed for a reason. if it isn't, then respond to the topic, don't start a new one.

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