I have a newborn and wanted to know when should she get her shots and are they healthy?


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Michelle - posted on 01/28/2015




I have had all of my vaccinations as have all 3 of my children. All you need to do is see what not vaccinating has caused with the latest measles outbreak. Some children have been infected and they were too young to be immunized. It's sad that some parents actions have hurt innocent children.
A lot of the diseases that the vaccinations immunize against have been eradicated in a lot of countries but it's the lower rates of vaccinations that are bringing them back.
I would prefer my child to have a bit of discomfort than to die from a disease that they got because of MY choice not to give them the vaccination that could have prevented it. I could never live with myself.

Gena - posted on 01/27/2015




I have learned that when it comes to vaccination,it is a subject that not everybody likes to talk about. I know a mom with 5kids that never got any shots..she couldnt believe that i would let my child get shots. But i also couldnt believe that she didnt let her kids get shots. My husband and I have personaly chosen that our son gets all his shots. I dont want him to get a disease because we didnt let him get the shots. Our son is 4 and all the shots till now have been fine. I dont like seeing him cry because of the shots,but i wouldnt like to see him ill from a disease. He once had slight temperature after a shot..but that was that. Talk to your doctor about the shots,let them explain about the risks of shots and the risks if you choose not to. Then its your personal desicion if you want to or not. Good luck

Bruce - posted on 01/27/2015




Thank you Sarah and indeed I read about that and it freaked me out. We have an appt with the Dr. in Feb for her first shots.

Sarah - posted on 01/27/2015




Your doctor will give you a schedule. It is pretty much every well baby check up for about the first 1 yr to 1.5 yrs. You can also talk to your doctor on health. Each vaccination has a risk. But there is also risk of getting the disease you are vaccinating against if you don't vaccinate. A good example is the measles outbreak that has occurred at Disney World. Those getting measles are the ones that did not get the vaccination.

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