i have a nine years old son, whos have angier issues, it doesnt happened frequent but when he does have theses outburst, he quite scary and then burst into angry tears, the only one who can calm him down is myself but before i do that he got to hide in a corner to calm himself down enough to talk to me, im worry he gonna go to far and hurt himself or others, help


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Lianne - posted on 07/12/2012




he's not an angry kid and never in trouble in school and theses outburst are not regularly so he doesnt have a behaviour plan, he what they call a gifted child and i went to the doctors who told me to go to the school so they can contact a psycholist and told me they dont know what it could be but they will keep an eye on him thats a year ago and he just had another outburst in school today, his first one in school, he know now to go off to calm down but this isnt really school safety and children are unware not to wind him up and he get even angier, he has theses emotions and he doesnt know what to do with them, im going bk to the doctors and beg them for help :(

Cherish - posted on 07/12/2012




Have you talked to his Dr about it?There might be a developmental reason for his outbursts.
Does he have problems in school with his anger?Is he on a IEP or a behavior plan?
My favorite book about difficult behavior in children is "the explosive child",it is full of very helpful information...some kids need to be taught how to cope,and how to problem solve appropriately.

It is good you are addressing this now,it gets so much harder when they are teens...

Michelle - posted on 07/12/2012




I would look into anger management for him possibly some counseling kids for the most part do not know how to show their anger in a way that is going to get a positive result he is upset and it is good that he will talk to you but he needs to learn to release the anger from situations after they are done. My son was this way he would obsess over issues to the point of making himself miserable I have been working with him on letting things go putting them in the past and leaving them there.

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