I have a one year old son, he turned one in may. He was 6 weeks early but has developed well. He is my first and only child and I want him (as all mothers do) to a smart well behave boy. I am a working mother which means I don't get to work with him one-on-one everyday. He goes to a in-home babysitter and there are other kids there which means she can't really spend one-on-one time to work with him on things as she is watching and taking care of others. Does anyone have advice on how I can start educating him so he will be really smart? I know that sounds kind of weird, but I just want him to be better than me and get from me what my parents could not do. Help? :)


Jodi - posted on 07/18/2013




The best thing you can do is when you ARE home, communicate with him and read to him. He doesn't need more education than that at this age. In these early years, they are developing their motor and communication skills.

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