I have a question about auditory sensory issues. I've wondered for a long time if my daughter may have a mild sensory issue. I have never sought a physician's advice in the matter and unless there seems to be something constructive they could do, I don't intend to, but I'm curious if anyone has had experience in the area and could lend advice. She is now 7 years old. Symptoms I've seen in her: As an infant when I was pregnant with her younger brother, the doppler heart monitor TERRIFIED her. It's not loud, but she just absolutely lost it every time they used it on me with her in the room. As a toddler she was always disruptive to story times in group settings (which is not unusual for toddlers). She has a history of being easily distracted. We have homeschooled her from the beginning. She's an excellent reader, comprehends her school work well, but can be self defeatist at times. Quite frequently when we are in classroom settings she gets over loaded and misbehaves. When called on the behavior, she can actually go off on the person or teacher involved in a rather violent way. One on one or in small settings she is a very sweet girl. She sings a lot, and sometimes doing her school work she's appreciated having quiet music playing to block out the sounds of her brothers. Recently she was in a group of many children in a small room waiting for me to finish something at church, and when I came to check on her I found her balled up in a corner, as small as she could get, bawling. Nothing had actually happened to trigger the event, she had just been completely overwhelmed. None of these things are really major enough to be concerned about, but taken as a whole, it is certainly something I wonder about. Any thoughts?


Katherine - posted on 09/26/2012




Sounds exactly like SPD. The playing music is a good idea to drowned out the sounds. And I would take her to a specialist. It does sound like she needs to be seen. The acting out is definitely over-stimulation. AND she COULD have a mild form of autism or be PDD NOS. Not saying that she IS, just saying she needs an evaluation. Could be Aspberger's, could just be SPD. Don't kill the messenger :/

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