i have a question.... i had my son in feb of 2012 and in April 2012 i got on the depo shot well my time for the 2 nd shot came due but i didn't have the money so i didnt get it. well the whole 3 months i bleed every day... so i thought after not taking it i would get back to normal will that didn't happen i bleed for 8 months i stopped bleeding in oct 2012 after i got on the pill i had a normal period in November nothing in December and i ran out in December so me and my husband have decided to try for another baby we started at the beginning of jan i had a 3 day period on the 8th that came very early (normally my periods are around the 20th of the months even on the pill in November) i have been to the er for pains in my stomach they took a test and said i wasnt pregnant. im not sure whats going on has anyone herd of this thing happening? please help me im very confused


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Janelle - posted on 01/26/2013




When I talked to them they said that there wasn't a test they could run to find anything out. I just had to take the pill

Michelle - posted on 01/26/2013




I would say your body is very confused with all the hormones that it's been getting then not. Take a decent break from ANY hormonal birth control and don't try to fall pregnant just yet. Maybe you should also have a chat to your doctor and maybe they can run some other tests.

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