I have a Question i need some feedback on i am looking to terminate my youngest son's father's parental rights he left and moved out of state when he was 14 months old he just turned 6 at the beginning of 2015 his father has had NO CONTACT at all during that time at what point is it considered abandonment ?


Vli - posted on 03/22/2015




Jennifer, please ask an attorney this question. You can probably learn your states definition for abandonment on-line but terminating parental rights(tpr) is complicated. If an attorney is not affordable ask your state bar about a referral to a pro bono service. Another way to learn what might be involved is to ask an attorney on line. I have used a site that I think was called answer.com -
Also consider in the US you can sue him for support too- even if he's not around


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Jennifer - posted on 03/22/2015




I will look into talking to a lawyer and i have been to court numerous times for child support but because he is on SSI and that is government funded money they will not force him to pay without getting into too much detail when he left New York State and moved away he violated a court order but thank you for your helpful suggestions i appreciate it :)

Michelle - posted on 03/21/2015




You need to talk to a lawyer. Every state and country have different laws and this is an international site.

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