I have a smart kid but struggling in school.

Kelly - posted on 10/25/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Good morning fellow moms thank you for welcoming me to the group. Well today I was lead to seek out help from other parents who might be or has struggled with a child/children academically. So I have three biological children and two step children and out of all 5 of mine and my husband's children "Our Children" the youngest who's 10 years old "Jaylen" struggles academically in a way that none of our children have but then he supersedes the intelligence of any one of our children when it comes to common sense, spirituality, understanding of people, politics and of the world. Omg! Its AMAZING! He's sympathetic, sympathetic, just so caring, beyond helpful, respectful. The wisdom he contains is as if he's an adult but when it comes to his work in school he has a hard time comprehending what he is reading, he can read very well, he can read words that most children his age struggle to read. I just dont understand how can a 10 year old be articulate and read a business magazine understand it totally but then can not understand, articulate, or write about it something he read in school. He comes home daily with incomplete school work, struggles to complete h.w. in a timely manner. He still us struggling with time tables and division. Actually he's in 3rd/4th grade glass because he missed the reading EOG by one point. I'm totally lost, hurt, frustrated, angry at the situation. Please help with ideas/strategies. My load is so heavy that's its effecting how I deal with my son and do not want to hurt his growth. Today, i'm changing his diet no sugars during the week and going to the health food store to buy folate and coconut oil. I received those ideas from other post, I read this morning. Thank you all in advance.



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Ev - posted on 10/26/2015




And to add to it though it might not be an issue, have him tested for a learn issue. They are common more so than people think and a lot of kids get left behind because of this. But I tend to agree with Raye here. Maybe its the pressures of what is expected of him in school. You said he was in a 3rd/4th grade class. Maybe its not a class he needs to be in if it is that tough. Maybe he needs to be in just one of those classes so he can get what they are doing. It almost sounds like a mixed class that has kids in it that are advanced in the third grade and can do fourth grade work. If that is not the case as well, I suggest meeting with the teacher and school counselor to discuss this. If he can read business magazines and news regarding the political arena and even understand that then he may need the tutoring. If he has a learning issue, then he could be missing out on help he may need. Just because the child is intelligent does not mean that said child is not struggling with things as far as learning goes. I have a son who was and still is very intelligent but he had learning delays and had to have help. He struggled with school lessons and homework early on and would not have the best grades but the kid could understand a lot of things in ways his counterparts would not. He got better through the years. I am glad to say that he graduated with a 3.102 and that was considered honors at graduation. His sister who could do the work and could understand pretty much anything given her also graduated with almost the same grade point average for high school. So my point is intelligence has nothing to do with struggling with learning but there is help there if you ask for it and have him evaluated to get him services school can provide. ANd if it is going to take a tutor to get the results needed, then by all means get one.

Raye - posted on 10/26/2015




If you can't help him with his homework, or to understand his math, maybe you need to hire a tutor. Maybe he feels pressured to "perform" at school and doesn't have that pressure with things that he reads at home. Have you actually talked to him to find out why he thinks he is struggling with his classwork?

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