I have a sticky situation and need help.

Jaylee - posted on 11/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have two kids from a previous relationship and now engaged to a new man who supports us in every way. My kids biological father wants to see the kids but my fiance dose not want him to have anything to do with the kids. Should i let my kids see their biological father who they knew before my fiance or should i go with my fiance and cut their biological father from the picture completely? Please help


Becky - posted on 11/12/2012




Those kids have a right to know their biological dad. Unless he is dangerous you should not keep him out of the lives of your children. Your kids already know him as their dad, if you cut off contact (which he could get an attorney and fight anyway) they are going to resent you for that. OR they are going to think they did something wrong that made their biological dad stop loving them. Ask your fiance how he would feel if he had a child with you and then you two split and you just cut off contact with his kids? My dad gave my older sister and brother up for adoption to their mother and step father because he thought he was doing what was best for them. They were 4 and 3 when he did that. Their mother and step dad didn't think they were old enough to know that my dad was their dad until they were teenagers and it came out in an argument they had. My sister (who I met when I was 13) said that scarred her for life. She says she always wondered why our dad didn't love her enough to fight for her, and she said her step father treated her differently than he treated his own biological children, which is how it came out in an argument. Any man who would want you to place his wishes before the best interests of your children is not worth marrying. I hope he just doesn't realize how selfish it is to ask you to do that to your children. . .

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