I have a student who is always on the go, but the thing is that his mom already has him on medicine. She supposedly gives it to him in the morning and the nurse at school gives it to him after lunch. He still doesn't sit still nothing interest him, He occasionally just starts shouting


Crystal - posted on 11/26/2013




Reevaluate your teaching methods. He may just be bored or he doesn't have enough stimulation in the classroom. That's not to say you're boring or a bad teacher at all. But some kids, rather than drugs whose affects on their development are still unknown, need a lot of one-on-one time, a lot of redirection and a lot of intellectual stimulation. I would recommend he be put in a smaller classroom where he can get all of that. And where someone could spend the time trying to figure out his learning style. It's not fair to anyone for you to try to focus solely on him or to ignore his special needs because you have other children to teach, or to stress yourself out over it. Good luck!!

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