I have a ten year old daughter that doesnt have friends. As a christian mom, I dont get it. Open to suggestions

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Hi I'm new to this circle of moms site. This is my first actual post. I have a issue with my ten year old daughter. She doesn't have any friends. Most of her real and true friends moved out of state or we moved to another part of town and lost contact with them. At her most recent school the children were so phony, fake, nasty and unruly. My daughter is a sweetheart and I want her to find and have the Right circle of friends. I'm a Christian, so I'm looking to connect with other followers of Christ moms that have children on the same path of being a better person. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance God Bless !!


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Youth group at church is an excellent way to meet new people when you're new in the area

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Does she participate in youth group at your church? That would seem to be a good place to find a lot of friends her age with similar beliefs.
Also, when choosing her volunteer opportunities, try to choose activities that allow for interaction with peers working toward the same goal. For example, if she usually collects and donates food to the local pantry, allow her to volunteer for a shift collecting food--our shelter usually has 4 - 6 people doing collection and stocking at one time, usually teens and older kids.
Mission trips are also usually coordinated by age, so she could meet some great friends by participating in a mission (you don't have to leave the country, or even the city--several churches around here do mission work at local shelters or to elderly and disabled people who cannot upkeep their homes or afford to pay others for the work). Those might not live as close to you as you like, but it is very easy to keep in touch now via facebook, email, and other social media tools.


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