I have a twelve year old who is very disrepectful and his father is on his side whst should I do


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/24/2012




Sit both dad and son down and explain RESPECT to them. And when you're done, let them have a list of the things that, due to the disrespect running rampant in the house, you will no longer do.

A short list would be: Laundry for anyone but yourself. Ditto with cooking/kitchen responsibilities. No more cleaning up after either of them. They can fix their own food, snacks, etc, and can do their own laundry/bedding.

Show them, as well, the many ways in which you show respect for them: Examples: You don't force your 14 YO to kiss you and say "love you mom" in front of his peers (giggling about this one, because it didn't bother my kids, but it is a good example) Or, for dad, you defer to or ask his opinion prior to making any decisions that will affect the both of you, or the family as a whole.

Ask them why they feel that their treatment of you is OK, and as they give you their reasons (if they can come up with anything other than the everlasting "I don't know") shoot them down.

Do you work outside the home? That is another thing to bring up. Do either of them contribute to the upkeep of the house in general? Another thing to mention.

So, in a nutshell, sit them down, warn them of the consequences of their actions, and then go on strike.

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