I have a two and a half year old son, who is on the autism spectrum. He was recently diagnosed this past march. My question is how to get him to let me brush his teeth? I brush his teeth twice a day, but every time its a battle. Any tricks or ideas?


Samantha - posted on 07/27/2011




my daughter doesnt have autism but it was tough to get her to let me brush for her. i found that making it fun helped. i explained to her the reason for brushing her teeth and that didnt seem to help, so i turned it into a game. i let her brush first then its mummy's turn :) i get her to "brush every little toothy" then i tell her its my turn to make sure theyre all clean, just like in the tub mummy has to make sure she's all clean. i say you dont like getting dirty and neither do your teeth :) try to be consistant maybe a certain time every day, ive heard routines help

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