I have also a doughter her age is7 she love to eat mostly she wants to ate rice now i think her body wieght was going to obisity?


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Holly - posted on 01/31/2013




little miss is right. Do not buy rice, if that is her problem food, i quit buying mac -n- cheese because that was a problem. do not buy sugary or junk food snack items. only have healthy snack items, keep celery and carrots sliced in the fridge ready for a snack along with apples and grapes. only cook lean protiens (chicken and fish) if you are vegetarian she can eat tofu or black beans, or even nuts are high in protien (but eat them in moderation)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/31/2013




Is she currently heavy? First things first, don't ever lower her self esteem by telling her she is fat, or heavy. Make life changes in the home, and make fruits available, and veggies. Lots of lean protein (if you and she eat meat) and get outside and get moving. She can eat rice in moderation, and serve it with veggies. Or you can mix the veggies right in and make it yummy.

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