I have always been the primary caregiver of my 2 years old son now his father is trying to get joint custody, do you think he will win in court

Tasha - posted on 07/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My sons father left me for another woman in nov 2011 so i packed my son up and moved out. Even when i was with him he was never really around for my son. I have always been the primary caregiver for my son. I have also always let me ex see his son whenever he wanted till last weekend. I tried getting a hold of him all week and no call back so i made fun plans for my son then all of a sudden he wants him in the middle of sat. I told him no i have plans now since you never got back to me. Now he is trying to take my to court and getv joint custody. Im so scared of having my son everyday and now having that chance of losing him 50% of the time. my ex has said on a number of times he doesnt want to pay me for child support so he knows if its 50 50 he wont have to pay me anything. What are the chances of that happening?


Ashley - posted on 07/16/2012




my brother in law has joint custody, kinda, he has his daughter and his x wife has their son, and yet he still pays child support and she don't have to. there is still a chance you could get child support from him even if it is 50 50.

he might just be saying it thou to make you worry, I've known lots of cases like this the other will say it just to get what they want. so he might just be trying to panic you into doing what he wants. until you see the paper work try not to stress to much, your kids can tell when you are worried.

id contact a lawyer and ask, make sure to mention he abandoned you and his baby to be with another women.

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