i have an 10 yo w/ ADHD who doesn't do his hw or care about school. He is failing out of 4th grade (already held back once) I have taken away everything- electronics, legos, jerseys, favorite Nike socks, books, and cancelled his birthday party. He can do the work, he just doesn't want to and he is angry. Yes already on meds and in every kid of therapy, dont even go there, I am just looking for anybody that has any idea what is wrong with him?


Becky - posted on 05/13/2012




My 11 year old is the exact same way honey, and no matter what anyone tells you, you just CANNOT make anyone do something they refuse to do. Mine doesn't necessarily refuse, but he does struggle because he doesnt pay attention or ask questions in class. I haven't had to go to the discipline you have had to but believe me,I have threatened it many times. Mine is going thru an attitude problem, going to the extent to basically tell me I'm not his boss. Actually the conversation went sort of like this.. (he had a hard time getting up this particular morning and woke up mad). I asked him.. "Whats the matter with you this morning? You wouldn't get out of bed?" he said "You kept yelling at me." I said " I was yelling from the other room to get you to wake up. Why didnt you get up?" Again, he said "because you kept yelling at me." I said "because you wouldn't get up", I continued with "Son you are 11 years old, I am your mother, you are not the boss" and he came back with and "I know nobody is". I thought I was gonna come unglued, and it good for him that the bus was coming at that particular moment. Dealing with children with this problem is difficult, I don't know when he is being stubborn, or when he really doesnt understand. Discipline is a hard decision. His older brother is 23 and he thinks he can do whatever he does even though he is no longer home and is in the Marine Corps. Its a daily struggle...

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