I have an 11 yr old daughter and going through divorce!

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My ex has been downing me in front of her...taking her out of town with no bath for 4 days...mold in the house...so today...i gave a report to dss for the best interest of my daughters health and hygeine!!! Now shes mad at me??? I have warned him for 2 months to get it fixed and he hasnt yet. Her allergies are horrible... So any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! So did i do the right thing or not???


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your doing what any mother would have. in fact your nice enough to give him 2 months to clean up,if your daughter is mad at you,he is obviously trashing you to her,otherwise he shouldnt involve her in the situation.

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I think so. Her health is extremely important.

Maybe you could talk to him (yeah, I know how 'easy' it is to talk to some ex's) about setting up some time for the 2 of them that doesn't include going to his house, etc...

Explain to her that you absolutely do NOT want to stand in the way of her spending time w/ her father, but w/ her allergies out of control.... you have to think of her health as well. She's old enough to understand how the allergens make her feel.

Other than that.... I have no ideas. Good luck!


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Sharlene - posted on 10/17/2011




Yes you did you have every rights to get off his bum and get stuff done especially if she allergies that would be good for her and he needas to see if he wants time with his daughter he needs to shape and try to talk to her and say Im only looking out for your best interest she will understand that in the long run.all the best I hope things work out!!!!!!!!

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