I have an almost four year old son, his father and I split 10 months ago and he spends Tuesday, Wednesday nights and Thursday with his dad. When he comes home he seems to be a completely different child. Its hard to explain but everything changes, the things he likes, what he wants to play with, the way he treats me and others. His favorite things, he seems to hate, almost like he is afraid of misbehaving. I feel like i drop my son off and when i pick him up its not my son, its someone i have never seen before. My ex lives with his new girlfriend and her daughter. Im not sure what is going on over at the house, my ex makes up excuses for me not to come in the house and see where our son sleeps. Is this something anyone has gone through and if so what did you do to help the situation. My ex is very hard to talk and when i ask him if we can talk he makes up some excuse or says later. This to me is getting very serious and im not sure where to go from here...HELP!!!

Jessica - posted on 05/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Co-parenting...whats going on while my child is away???


Alisha - posted on 05/05/2013




I have not gone through that myself but I have babysat for someone who has. What she did was she demanded to meet the new girlfriend and if he refused he did not get to see his daughter. Right now he is behind on his child support and other random things but do what you have to do. You are the mom you seem to have main custody so put your foot down and do what you have to. If he is abusing or neglecting your son or both of them are you have the right to take is rights to his son away. You have to protect him that your talk to social services/ the cops whatever and tell them what is going on cause if they are treating him badly what about the girl. He is hiding something.

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