I have been a jealous mom for 6 years

Joanna - posted on 04/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I can't stop, I'm being honest. Every forum for the past 6 years bashes me for it. My son is turning 6 years in a month and since he was born it just clicked. He was born with complications and I didn't get a chance to have him all to myself because of it. In-laws have been very clingy with him since the beginning it's not just him I have a 5 year old (I had them a year apart) and they just don't stop still to this day I have been fighting this battle with them. I have tried really hard to control it but it just feels like they don't try to control themselves.

I'm not a control freak with my kids but I feel threatened with my In-laws because it feels like they want my kids to favor them over me. They feel like they have a connection with them better then I do, it hurts a lot to have to fight for my kids love why should I have to keep my guards up why don't they just understand they had their time already and they have a pretty darn good relationship with their kids including my husband, so it's like just let us have our time with ours.

My husband is pretty laid back and doesn't notice until I tell him, but they are always trying to steal every special event or moment away from us like birthdays, holidays, school everything. With my husband they love it if the kids are bonding with him they get filled with joy (a bit) but when I do they look kind of jealous or something.

I do want them to have relationship but I feel much better if I'm not around to see it, but it everytime we are in the same room for 5 seconds they want the kids on their laps and everything. My father in law says things about my kids to me as if I don't already know them, he think he knows them better than I do.

I don't really care for advice, all I need is a little support NOBODY has ever understood me. Thanks


Jodi - posted on 04/28/2014




So is every forum for the last six years telling you that you ARE being a control freak? Sorry, but nothing you have explained here sounds like a problem to me. Your child does not belong to you. I am wondering what they have SAID that indicates to you they are trying to control your children trying to want the kids to favour them, trying to steal all these events, being jealous of you. Or is this just all your interpretation?

And have you ever spoken to a counsellor about this?

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