i have been divorced for 3 years and my ex has been talking bad about me to the kids and now my kids hate me, they go to there rooms when i go to see them, they tell me they never want to see me again, they wish i was dead, one day my ex text me and said my little one was in the hospital, so went to the house and found out he lied, my daughter had a knife in her hand andsaid she was going to kill me while my ex held me. how do i change the hate and bring love back to my kids.


Ashley - posted on 11/04/2012




if this is true you need to get an attorney and fight for them. you need to call cps because your daughter should not have had a knife in her hand, and obviously, they are learning very aggressive, abusive behavior. they need help. get them into counseling asap to figure out why they are doing this and why he is letting them do this. they need out.

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