I have been trying for a 2nd child for about 5mths now ?

Melanie - posted on 01/27/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




my first child was no problem he is now 3 yrs old i have even went to the doctors and am fine i started to do the temp every morning but felt like i was more of a robot and thought more about getting pregnant so i have stopped i have intercousre pretty well after my period is done right up unitl i start again 1 once a day i have notice since i have bben trying that my periods are only lasting 4 days and they use to last 7 days even after i had my son i am also taking folic acid which the doctor had told me to take i was really don't want to try all these ovualtion and temp tests because it just makes me more stressed about it and i think about it more . i even keep my legs ovulated after sex and with a pillow and all that other stuff . I have learned now to relax and when it will happen it will happen is there someting else i should be doing ? or taking that can help me to get pregnant


Cori - posted on 01/31/2011





i used the ovulation calculator and posted "hump days" on our calendar for our first! it made it more fun and light hearted. just try to have fun with it and not make it about making a baby but about making love, reconnecting and having fun with eachother!

Traci - posted on 01/28/2011




I feel you! My husband and I tried for 2 years. . . and never got pregnant. I started exercising more regularly, eating better, every thing i thought i was suppose to do. My son is 3 years old and i wanted my children no more then 2 years apart. After having my son, my periods where right on time every month! then after the first year, i was getting them every 2-3 months. . i even went 4 months with out one! i was for sure i was pregnant. . but negative test after negative test! I was getting so frustrated. Its almost impossible to not stress over this! I finally broke down after my sons 3rd birthday and i told my husband im going to the dr for something must be wrong with me! So i went in for a yearly and talked to the dr about what could be causing me from not getting pregnant! and he said it could be anything. . . so after i had some blood work done to make sure my thyroids weren't the problem of me not being able to get pregnant, he put me on Chlomid. I have taken it 2 months now and this morning i had a POSTIVE test result! There is always the possibility of having twins. . . or more. But i know i would have not been able to get pregnant again with out the pills. . . I would give it a couple months for most drs do you want you to be trying for over a year before they will put you on a med! but it is something i would bring up with your dr so they are aware. I wish you the best of luck!

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Same thing here. When we gave up, we got pregnant. They are just 21 days shy of being 7yrs apart. Relax, go back to having fun. The best surprise I got was missing my period and getting that positive pregnancy test after giving up all hope! Good luck!

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It took me a long while to concieve our 2nd child.In the end,I had my hormones tested and I was low on Progesterone.As soon as I was treated for this issue,I was pregnant,within the first month.

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I am not sure if just relaxing is the only thing to consider.

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now and it is so frustrating when my friends think that is the only thing to consider when ttc.
It is frustrating when people think it is that easy for everyone just because it happened like that for themselves.
Obviously, your body will respond and regulate better if you are not stressed. Other things you should consider is your age, menstruation (any irregularities),as well as how healthy you are overall.
Do you smoke? Do you eat healthy? Are your periods irregular?
I know that most doctors wait around a year before they do any follow up for infertility.
5 months is not a long time to be trying, and as disappointing as it can be, you just need to keep on keeping on.
If you are serious about having another child right away you could talk to your doctor and see if they can look into prescriptions, but be wary it could cause multiples babies.


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so bonnie would you say taking prenatal wld also help i was doing that 3 mths ago and my daoctor had told me only to be taking folic acid

Melanie - posted on 01/31/2011




replying to Christy i have not been on any meds at all but even have during that 14 days and on still nothing ?

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We lost our first child. It seemed like it took forever to get pregnant with our 2nd. We were told by a friend to try everyday at the same time. It was not fun, and my husband hated it, but we did finally get pregnant with a girl. Our 4th child, I feel was given to me after a sincere prayer to God pleading my case of how I respected my husband and waited until he was ready and that waiting 8 years after marriage was being patient. I then told God it was in his hands and that I was done trying. Within 2 weeks I found out I was pregnant. I know God answers prayers. Take the time and talk to your Father in Heaven like he is your own father and plead your case.

Or if you are not the praying type, my sister had unprotected sex for 9 and could not get pregnant. She already had 2 boys. Her family went to Disneyland and had a relaxing fun time just being a kid and she finally got pregnant after 9 years of trying with her 3rd son. So go ahead and let yourself have some fun!

Christy - posted on 01/28/2011




Are you on any prescribed meds?

Other than that all i can say is what worked for me was having sex 14 days after the first day of your last period. I got pregnant 4 times using that method, with 2 babies to show for it. Don't stress.

Bonnie - posted on 01/27/2011




I say just eat healthy, continue taking your vitamins, and try not to stress and it will happen. Some just take longer than others. A friend of mine took a year to get pregnant and she was doing everything right. Good luck!

Meredith - posted on 01/27/2011




Jennifer is right, as soon as you stop trying it usually happens. But you being stressed out isnt helping either, as hard as it is, just try to relax, dont let this control you and it will happen.

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The moment we stopped trying we ended up pregnant. All that stress isn't good for your body. My kids are 3 years and 4 months apart and I am ok with that. Just relax and try not to force it and it will happen.

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