I have chronic pain - should I have a child?

Katie - posted on 10/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Are there moms out there who decided to have kids despite a chronic pain condition prior to having kids? How and why did you decide to have kids despite pain, and how do you cope? What resources did you find helpful when trying to make this decision? I do not have any children yet because I honestly don't know how pregnancy and having children will be with pain, and I'm scared. I hope it's OK that I'm here even though I don't have kids yet.

About me: I am 33, married, and I have had chronic pain since age 20. I've been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome as an underlying cause of my widespread myofascial pain. I've never been officially diagnosed with fibro, but many of the symptoms overlap with my experience: soreness, tightness, trigger points throughout my body, headaches, fatigue. I am a full-time teacher and many people I know do not even realize I deal with chronic pain. I push through a lot to live a normal life. I do a lot of self-care in addition to seeing an osteopath and trigger point therapist. Even though I am able to function, pain is my constant companion and effects everything. It's been hard for me to even decide if I want children because of the pain factor.

Thank you for your insight.


Gena - posted on 10/14/2014




I dont have chronic pain,but i thought i would reply to you anyhow. Have you talk to your doctor about having a child?What do they say? I dont know if you are on meds..if you are you should talk to the doctor about what meds you could take during pregnancy. Good luck

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