I have got a 7 month old baby and found out im pregnant!

Sarah - posted on 11/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am scared as today I done a home pregnancy test and 2 lines came up so im pregnant!

My son has just turned 7 months and when baby number 2 is born im scared if im gonna cope.

Can anyone in my position tell me how hard it is to cope with 2 children so close and any tips would be appreciated x


April - posted on 11/14/2013




My daughter was 11 months old when i found out i was pregnant with my son. I know exactly how you feel, i was so worried about how i would be able to cope since my daughter was such a fussy baby, what if my son were the same?? When he was born things did change, i didn't have as much time for myself but i was able to cope and even though there were times when i wanted to pull my hair out once i got into my new routine things were great (it helped that my son was an angel and slept through the night at 3 months LOL).
My daughter will be 5 in January and my son just turned 3. They are the best of friends, even if they do fight at times they always have each other to play with and be with when mummy needs some "me" time LOL. So looking back i'm very happy that i had children so close in age. Wouldn't change it for the world.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and i wish you all the best! :)


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Sarah - posted on 11/14/2013




Thankyou for your advice, i really appreciate it. Yes im scared but excited at the same time.

Some people saythat they have foundit easier with 2 children close together, and others have said they wished they waited x

Shannon - posted on 11/13/2013





Just breathe, a baby is a blessing. SO CONGRATULATIONS!

I am sure that you have family and friends that will step up and help hold the babies if you need a bath, a nap, or just some you time.

Now is the time to speak up to those family and friends and say, I need you. Can we talk? Can you just listen and let me be scared for a moment?

Then, talk to your doctor and tell him how scared you are, and ask him/her if she knows of any support groups or Mommy groups around that can offer you some support. Support is awesomely important.

And, if you don't have one, find a church, and again, you'll find another group of people ready, willing, and happy to love and support you.

You aren't alone. God will take care of you and your babies!

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