I have just gotten out of a 13 year relationship that was incredibly controlling. Since I have let my 21 year old son back into the house. The first time he was here he brought a puppy into our home. That lead to so much tension in the home. And my son NEVER took the dog out. He let the dog use our 3 year old home to be its pee and poop stop. ruined the front bedroom carpet so bad we had to tear it out. The dog pee'd on the brand new mattress too. That was the reason for him getting kicked out. He ended up living in an apartment with a pot dealer. Then told me I had to take the dog or he had to get rid of him. At this point I was attached to the dog. I have 3 cats that are suffering in a closet from fear now. But then my partner and I broke up. I moved him back in. In the first few days back he slammed his fist in the bathroom door, mad at his girlfriend. Everyone I know has predicted him taking advantage of me, ruining my new house, getting into so much trouble that my house gets taken away. HELP!!! Can't cut the cord. He has mental problems. Just won't go to a doctor for it.


Terra - posted on 05/25/2013




I am bipolar and need my meds or I will go crazy and be the biggest b that ever lived so I understand the mental problems and needing to go to the dr if it was on of my sons I would tell them if they are wanting to live in MY house then they WILL be going to the dr and will be taking the medication the dr gives him an if he can't do that the it's tough love from there it would be hard cuz I love my boys with all my heart but I won't be stepped on either and hope that you won't be either

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