I have light bladder leakage, has any one tried the laser treatments.

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It is early days after my delivery, (ventouse 7lb 4 oz - 'bradycardia' at fully).
Things downstairs are what they used to be, but I am doing my kegels. But I heard on the radio about laser treatment for 'sorting out intimate problems' - and some of these rang a bell with me.

The mona lisa touch apparently can help with bladder leakage, perineal pain, vaginal soreness ( I am breast feeding), dryness and looseness. Is this snake oil? or have people actually used this.

A couple of the gyno's in the area (Dr Metawa from Gosford) and Dr Kew from Maitland are promoting their lasers. There is also the incontilase in Newcastle.

Let me know if you used it.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/02/2015




If it is the early days after your delivery, you aren't even healed yet.

Patience is a wonderful virtue...and you'll need lots of it as a parent. Be patient. Let your body heal. Of course it is not 'what it used to be'...You just went through 38-40 weeks of pregnancy. EVERYTHING is whacked at this point, and needs time to get back to normal.

Michelle - posted on 01/02/2015




How about you wait until you have fully healed from the delivery?
How long ago did you give birth?

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