I have looked everywhere but i can't seem to find any answers. I'm in desprate need of help. I tried to get people to understand my point of veiw but i never tried someone elses. I am not a mom i am a 17 year old who has been fighting with my mother since i turned 15 and i can't seem to find out why we fight so much. I'm literally one step from running away from home. But then i thought what better advice can you get from a mother. My mom is constantly saying that i am a disrespectful person and that i have no manners. I'm not a stupid boy and i know a disrespectful person when i see one. I am not a disrespectful person.. does anyone have any advice on why this is happening?


Amy - posted on 02/04/2013




Why don't you sit down with your mom and say, it really bothers me that you think I'm being disrespectful what am I doing? Tell her you genuinely want to improve your relationship but don't know how. You can also suggest family counseling to help mend the relationship.

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