I Have Lost Contact with my Son & Daughter After being Assaulted in 2006.

Lorrie M - posted on 07/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have lost contact with my son and daughter since I was sexually assaulted and left for dead in 2006. I was given date rape drug and was brutally attacked on June 4, 2006. I lost 6 pints of blood after being sexually assaulted. I went through blood transfusion, two rectal reconstructive surgeries and my jaw bone was broken. After many surgeries and therapy I have been looking for my children.
The last time I saw them both was in 2006 before I was assaulted. I had joint custody of my children and still do today. My ex husband had remarried and she was their step mother and very controlling in nature. While I was hospitalized in 2006 I was served court documents that she had filed with the courts requesting full custodianship since she thought I was not going to live due to my health. It was never granted to her because I am not a unfit mother and the judge never granted her this will. I believe she told my children I did not make it and I relinquished my parental rights over to her as their mother.
My Son would be 18 years old today! (July 6, 1995) and my daughter was born on September 10, 1991.
I have searched everywhere for them!
People tell me to get a lawyer but they are of age and of free will I just need to find them
And let them know I am alive and I Love them so very very much!
My email is keepthefaithalways2006@yahoo.com


Angela - posted on 07/06/2013




I am truly shocked by your post! This would not happen in the UK so I know you're not British.

Can you not contact your former in-laws? Any relatives of your ex-husband? What about your OWN family and relatives? Please do not tell me that YOU were the only relative your children had on your side of the family!

And I'm very sorry to learn that not only were you the victim of a brutal, serious crime but also of an appalling injustice. I find it hard to believe you have no FREE recourse to the Law to assert your rights as a parent. I'm not calling you a liar by the way - I DO believe you, but I find it hard to believe that the Law is so harsh in your country.

Good luck.

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