i have my 17 years old daughter who is in a relationship with a 25 year old man who smokes drink etc but i brought her up in christian home she dnt seem to care about god any more all she wants is that man i tried every thing to pull her out of that relationship but she seems not to care. he buys her things that she needs and alot more i can see that he loves her but he also cheates on her

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how can i stop their relationship cause i dont believe that they are right for each other.


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Okay, as far as I understand it you can have this man arrested for being with your daughter. Is she sleeping with him? He is 8 years older than this child. What does he see in your daughter? He is taking advantage of her. He does not love her. All he is doing with the things he gets her is buying her affection making her think he loves her. You need to pull the plug on this one. You need to warn him if he does not leave her alone you will call the police. This man needs to be with people his age and your daughter needs to be with those of her own age. There is no reason a girl her age should be with a man of that age.

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It may be helpful for you to visit www.solvefamilyproblems.com
And share some of the resources with your daughter. Just because she doesn't want God anymore, doesn't mean she doesn't want a clean-living, faithful husband. You may be able to communicate to her how these things are important and leave God out of things for a while. I know personally you may find her rejection of God very painful, but if it is alienating her' leave it out of conversation and major on the kind of qualities she wants in a man. Of course, continue to pray for her, and make sure your own life is clean!
Hope this helps

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