i have my sons potty in his bedroom and i put him naked from waist downwards and i say to him if you need wee and poo do it in potty and he is playing wiyh his toys in bedroom is this the right way to do potty training and he will learning


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Sarah - posted on 11/28/2014




Is starting to think this person either has a fetish with potty training or has no clue about potty training. She/He has posted tons of things about potty training that really don't make sense when all put together.

Michelle - posted on 11/28/2014




I wouldn't have the potty in his room. You have it either near the toilet of in the bathroom. When you first start training you need to ask him every 30mins or so if he needs to go. Make sure you take him as he won't stop playing to go. Most toddlers are far too busy playing to recognize the urge.

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